THE STREET ARCH. is a new concept of open architecture studio, with a new approach to the exercise of architecture in a city and in an increasingly global world and crossed by multiple references, challenges and new programs that also accompany the new way of being and living for all of us.

We believe that, if everything has changed, then the architect as we know him in his classic concept, should change as well. An expert, idealistic and technical, capable of realizing the ideas that arise from a close relationship with clients and with the work in a sustainable, functional, innovative way. We are no longer talking about a closed, hermetic architecture exercise, with a distant and complex language and processes, but about the collaborative, inclusive and open-door architecture exercise, after all, to the people who seek to make dreams come true, transform spaces, overcome barriers.

THE STREET ARCH. therefore has a multidisciplinary team, capable of responding to the multiple areas and dimensions of the project, whether in the context of urban rehabilitation or building new spaces, whatever their nature. Only in this way is it possible to embrace and materialize a project that goes from its macro view and urban framework to the micro view and definition of all details.

A bench, a baseboard, a house, a hospital, a museum, a museum, a garden, a new building that marks the city’s skyline or the rehabilitation of a historic and paradigmatic of the identity of the place. All of these challenges are assumed with the same commitment and technical excellence by our team.

This is possible with the accumulated experience of more than 20 years in the national and international market, with works already recognized and awarded.

Born under the name DEJC Arquitetos, later presented as M2R9 Arquitetura, THE STREET ARCH. is finally its new identity and brand image that reflects this new attitude that we want to affirm to the world. A more humanized identity, closer to the brand culture that we intend to print as an open-door studio of proximity, of strong connection with people and with the imaginary that build an architectural project.

This is our promise reflected in our signature “human space design”.


The brand image THE STREET ARCH. is born from the union of three great dimensions that also present themselves as the three great pillars of our culture and identity.

The Human dimension that is reflected in the attitude, in always being in contact, in the movement and in the relationship, in enjoying challenges and always doing something different.

The Technical dimension, which focused on attention to details, on concretization and formalization, on the definition of limits, points and structures

The Poetic dimension that lives from inspiration, from color, looking in a different way, in telling new stories in each project.

Its construction is also based on the assumptions in the definition of an architectural project, based on the concepts of: Point, Line, Space, Street, Movement, Light and Architecture. Yes, because it is after all our central concept.

The Point of starting, of meeting, of center, of movement, of union, in common.

The Line that defines the limit, design, perimeter, outline, depth, personality and path.

The Space that is between and around, inside and out, public and private, closed and open.

The Street, always collective, luminous, in continuous movement, full of intersections and entrances, alive and human.

The Movement that is born from mobility, from gaze, from multiplication, from rhythm, circular, which breaks and propagates.

The Light that inspires clarity, color, composition, overlay, definition, identity and contrast.

The Architecture that encloses the construction, the complexity, the imaginary, individual and belonging to all, the free plan.

This is our brand.
THE STREET ARCH. Human space design