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The housing, type T2 and backyard, is the program of this project. With a south / north orientation, the relationship between the interior and exterior is present in the entire space, either by the two windows exposed to the public road, or by the backyard limited by high walls that define the volume.

The intervention carried out had as main ambition the reorganization of the circulation and a new distribution of the original functionalities, bringing together the expectations and needs of contemporary life and generating surprise in the urban context in which it is inserted. The transformation of the backyard area into a living and dining area, with storage in cupboards is undoubtedly one of the defining strategies of the project, along with the relocation of the functional areas – kitchen and sanitary facility –, centralized in the housing area as a way to minimize routes.

The renovation of indoor and outdoor environments is imposed by the list of materials used and with regards to textures, colors and tones used. The small size of the areas lead to the use of light tones and punctual textures that reference and characterize certain details, such as the use of diffused lighting, by ceiling downlights and below the cabinets, which differentiates the environments.